L28 x W6x T3 mm Neodymium N38 Packaging Block Magnets Zinc Plated for Ipad Sleeves 10

L28 x W6x T3 mm Neodymium N38 Packaging Block Magnets Zinc Plated for Ipad Sleeves 10

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Our Advantage:

Material: Use original high-quality rare earth materials, Never use waste, recycled material

Quality : In strict accordance with the process and quality control

Pay much attention to product details, each magnet will be inspected carefully.

Competitive Price: Direct manufacture of magnets, direct profit to customers

Certificates: RoHS compliance, ISO, Reach Standard, SGS , CE

Sample charges: Free samples are available for common color and size, Not including the express cost. Customized samples will charge a small amount.

Samples lead time: Around 3-5 days

Production time: Around 7-12 days after samples confirmed.

Zinc Plating Block magnets for Ipad Sleeves

Ipad Sleeves Magnets, N38 block magnets,

Brand: YuTong

Material: NdFeB, Grade N38

Size:L28*W6* T3MM

Tolerance: ±0.03 x ±0.03 MM

Plating/Coating: Zinc

Magnetization Direction: Through thickenss

Surface Field: 2952 Gauss

Max Operating Temp: 176ºF (80ºC)

Br. max: 13,200 Gauss

BH. max: 42 MGOe

Applications: Speakers, Packing boxes, Leather products,etc.

MOQ:2000 pcs

Thin little disc magnets.

Very strong and very handy.

Like most of the smaller magnets we produce, these are fascinating, reasonably easy to handle and aren't dangerous to fingers. Great multi-purpose size.

Coating/Plating Effects:

Zn: Suitable for common environment

Nickle: Suitable for dew atmosphere and can be stably used for a long time

Ni-Cu-Ni:It has a stronger protection, adhesive ability and longer working life-span

Epoxy:Suitable for severe corrosive environment

Gold:Used for high level electronic equipment and decoration

Copper:Less coating defects and with good looking